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My Health Story

       It gives me such joy to share with you the wonderful medicine that greatly improved my life.  I was introduced to acupuncture as a last resort for my unresolved health issues.  I was continually referred to Western doctors who offered diagnoses to add to my list of ailments; none seemed to help and my health only worsened.  I recall eagerly waiting weeks for the next specialist appointment with hope for relief.  Unfortunately, more often than not, I was again disappointed by their response and sent to yet another specialist for further tests.  Grasping for any energy to get me through my daily tasks, I sought choices that gave me strength, but often were very unhealthy.
       After receiving four acupuncture treatments, my eyes began to open up to the possibilities.  I not only began to feel better physically and gained more energy, but I began seeing life from a different perspective.  I gained insight and realized my healing was not about another person diagnosing and healing me, but my working in conjunction with a practitioner to assist in my own healing.  My health was and is my responsibility;  I, myself, need to work toward better health for me and not sit back and wait to BE HEALED.  My acupuncturist had the skills to kick-start my change, but it was a joint effort between the two of us and I realized I had a bigger role in the outcome.  I learned to make positive choices for my health and every day my optimal health is closer to reality.
       I believe our bodies communicate with us and, in our need to succeed or "get it done," we push through without listening to their messages.  We often disregard pain, depression, and physical ailments just to get through the day.  I would venture to say many, many people live with discomfort because they think that is "just how it is."  
       Whether you seek treatment for a specific ailment or as a means to enhance your well-being, I would be honored to work with you to create your bridge to wellness.  Acupuncture and Chinese Nutrition greatly improved the quality of my life and it gives me genuine pleasure to assist others who seek positive changes in their lives as well.  Together we can develop an individual treatment plan to address your unique needs and work to achieve your optimal health goals.  


It's never too late to live
  Happily Ever After!

Dr. Nicole M. Myers, D.Ac., L.Ac, Clinical Whole Foods Nutritionist

5325 E. Pima Street
Tucson, AZ 85712